Websites need a lot of heart to give a user the magical feeling of they get me. It's the only thing that builds trust on the internet and the only thing that makes them come back.


A website built on aesthetics alone is about as engaging as a car without gas. Without empathy for your visitors, you can’t create a connection. And without a connection, you’re just another website.

Website visitors judge your website based on their experience and current knowledge. Their state of mind and information is vastly different from the website’s creators.

But you’ll never know. You’ll look at your website and see beauty and perfection. You’re an expert in your field and it’s difficult to imagine the perspective of someone who’s not familiar with your industry.

It’s easy because your mind just fills in all the gabs of knowledge without you even realizing it. But how about your visitors? They have no idea and the questions they have might be vastly different from the answers you’re giving.

Don’t be that guy. We can help.


Throughout the years of working in the corporate world in both the US and Europe, we realised that users don’t always want what companies think they do. The disconnect is so broad because there is no active feedback from the customer. They just leave the website and never come back.

Websites which fail to speak to their target audience feel shady. You can’t put your finger on it but you know you don’t trust them. It seems like all they want is your money.

We realised that the right communication, layout, and structure of a website can make or break a business. Large companies are aware of this but it’s difficult for small businesses to implement.

And so, Heart and Magic was born.